It’s ok to be unwell today!

Everyone feels a sense of pressure in the build up to Christmas but for those with mental health illnesses or mental distress it can be a difficult time.

It can feel very pressured for those, like myself, who live with their depression over the holiday season. Your illness doesn’t know it is Christmas,  it’s not like work – you don’t get time off. It can feel even more isolating  than ever.

There are two things I would like to share:

If you are living with depression remember it’s ok to feel low today,  if the business of celebration becomes too much take some time out, you could go for a walk have a nap? 

For those who might have someone with depression among them over the season – which is a lot of us (I am not the only one in my family who is living with depression)- here are a few tips:

It might not be a good idea to get onto people when they dont seem happy, I am sure they wouldn’t want to be experiencing low mood or distress, 

If you see someone, who you is living with depression or distress,  finding things difficult remind them that it’s ok to be unwell! 

Happy holidays, Merry Christmas!


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